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Real-world Video Clarity

View More Detail to Monitor Wizxder Area

DG-Decode helps you ti experience real-world video clarity by decoding up to 4K UHD resolution with no distortion that delivers clear images and outstanding color

  • Beautifully convert the compressed digital videos from H.265,H.264 video format
  • Perform accurate detail to zoom
  • Better identification of suspects and criminals
  • Reduce the number of cameras to cover an area
  • Decrease operational costs

Remarkable Display Ability

Capture Each Moment for Identification

DG-Decode can decode up 60fps video captured by cameras allowing you to easily identify rapid and continuous moving objects for applications like casino,airport,city surveillance and traffic monitoring.

  • Accurately decode each frame of video to check speedy object and movement
    Eg.Vehicle's number plates,denomination of currency
  • Fluent video playback for fast-moving objects by frame by frame playback
    Eg.Image of individual's face,any slight of hand actions

Real-time Monitoring to Detect and Response Threats

DG-Decode,implanted in Linux-embedded DIGIEVER systems, gives you a clear overview of all videos on a single page. Via HDMI/VGA connecter,you can have up to 64-channels real-time video monitoring to monitor your region.

  • Cost-effective Linux-embedded PC-less solution
  • Simultaneously display real-time streaming from 64 cameras
  • Continuously keep your eyes on your areas to detect and respond to threats
  • Reduce the potential losses caused from the interval of sequential monitoring

Smooth Remote Monitoring

Smoothly Remote Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

DG-Decord performs excellent decording technology to offer you a perfect monitoring
and playback experience that can deliver amazing smooth videos by largely decrease PC's display loading.