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All-in-one Features of DIGIEVER NVR (Network Video Recorder)

DS-4012 DIGIEVER NVR is a powerful 4-bay standalone NVR. It gives a complete network surveillance system with outstanding remote monitoring and recording performance.

  • 4 BAY

    Hard Disk Drive

  • 12 CH


  • 150 Mbps

    Max. Recording Performance

is a 4-bay Linux-embedded standalone NVR, powered by high performance RISC CPU and performs excellent network surveillance of multiple IP cameras up to  channels of single server and up to 256 channels of multiple servers. DIGIEVER NVR supports remote browser monitoring, multi-layer dynamic E-Map, multi-megapixel recording and smart search playback. The monitoring demands can be satisfied anywhere and anytime by local display monitoring, remote browser monitoring, iOS and Android mobile monitoring.

With intuitive Quick Configuration, users can finish trouble free installation in only five steps on remote browsers. The Linux-embedded NVR supports event/schedule recording, automatic recovery, threshold of recorded videos and video clip. Through event and action management, DIGIEVER NVR lets user set various events and actions for instant alert. For emergent need of video duplication, DIGIEVER NVR is equipped with diverse backup methods so that users can freely backup recorded videos to USB dongle, NAS, Dropbox, etc. In terms of security control, user privilege management and log system offer user detailed information for security control. All these essential features can be configured quickly on remote browser interface.

DIGIEVER NVR Powerful Network Surveillance Features

Real-time Remote Monitoring

DIGIEVER NVR offers instant monitoring via software application anytime, anywhere

  • Surveillance Software Application on Windows
  • Auto Login on Starup
  • Liveview Instant Playback
  • Various Monitoring Modes
  • Convenient Control of PTZ and Speed Dome Cameras
  • Digital Zoom in/ Zoom out

DIGIEVER NVR lets users monitor remotely via its software application, NVR-Client, on Windows OS. Users can access DIGIEVER NVR from popular web browsers to set up its configuration: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. User can access NVR via entering the IP address and the shortcut on desktop. The shortcut also features auto login when the computer restarts from Windows updates. Users can select desire display mode among 1/2/3/4/5/8/9/10/12/16/20/25/30/36/42/49/56/64 & 5+1/12+1-channel & sequential and full screen display modes. Besides, users can quickly check what happened earlier while simultaneously viewing live videos on liveview page. Also, remote monitoring offers control of PTZ camera and lets users view all preset positions of the IP camera.


Mini-CMS Server Monitoring

DIGIEVER NVR can be a mini-CMS server to connect other DIGIEVER NVR with the maximum of 256 channels for monitoring. User can simultaneously monitor other remote NVR sites without installing any extra VMS software.

Region of Interest (ROI)

DIGIEVER NVR supports ROI (region of interest) to help users focus on multiple regional images from one camera, especially for high-resolution cameras (such as 4K UHD). On liveview and playback page, users can not only define 5 or 7 regions on one camera but also move and zoom-in the focused areas. On liveview page, NVR can smartly memorize ROI setting for each camera to optimize users’ ROI surveillance experience.

Event Wall

Event wall allows users to quickly gain actual event situation with the information of camera name, event time and event snapshot. Users can save the event snapshot and play video clip by right-clicking on the event snapshot.

Two-way Talk as Emergency Call and Instant Service

  • Instant Communication between Camera and NVR Site
  • Timely Talk and Watch What Happens at the Local Site to Offer Instant Assistance
  • Make Instant Communication Comes True to Minimize Personal Injury and Property Loss

Two-way talk offers instant communication between camera site and NVR monitor site for multi-site central monitoring. NVR will automatically switch to two-way talk mode on liveview page when an event from camera digital input is triggered. Security guard can timely talk and watch what happens at the local site to offer instant assistance. If more than one event are triggered, the callings will be shown on two-way talk panel. NVR will base on incoming call’s time sequence to show the calling of camera name. (The first call is on the top, the second call is on the second, and so on.) Users can hang up the call and pick up the next call from two-way talk panel.

YouTube/Facebook Live: Live Streaming Broadcast

  • Live Stream to Share
  • Video Storage for Future Playback

DIGIEVER NVR allows users to put the streaming of IP cameras on YouTube and Facebook. Users can share live video of IP camera to people for multiple scenarios with no need to directly access IP camera. Live streams will be saved in DIGIEVER NVR simultaneously. Users can easily review and export live videos to create more valuable usage.

Quick Navigation with Dynamic E-Map

  • Multi-layer Maps
  • Pop-out Event Window
  • Event Log History

Dynamic E-Map on liveview monitoring as a quick navigation can indicate the physical location of cameras. Users can expand multi-layer maps in different perspectives and deploy cameras on the maps. When an event is triggered, a window will pop out to notify user and display recording video to users; therefore, users can quickly locate event site and take appropriate actions to minimize event lose and damage. Furthermore, event log history offers a detailed and latest list of event history to make users easily control the event situation with zero error possibility.

Double-click to Pop-out Large Video Window

On Emap monitoring, users can quickly check the video via double-clicking camera icon on map or camera name on device panel.


Excellent Video Recording

H.264 High Compatible Network Video Reocorder

  • H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and MxPEG format support
  • Support ONVIF Porfile S and Generic RTSP & MJPEG
  • Support hundreds of IP camera brands and thousands of IP camera models

DIGIEVER NVR gives users high performance megapixel recording and supports H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and MxPEG formats. DIGIEVER NVR has high compatibility with IP cameras, which allows users to easily select suitable IP cameras for different projects and applications. Moreover, DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder also supports other standard video streaming formats such as ONVIF, Generic RTSP and Generic MJPEG to quickly build suitable video surveillance environment.

Smart and scheduled recording

  • Various Compression Formats
  • Various Recording Modes
  • Flexible Threshold of Recorded Videos
  • Multi-stream for Monitoring & Recording
  • Flexible Recording Stream Setting
  • Flexible Video Formats: Play in NVRPlayer or in General Player

DIGIEVER NVR gives users high performance megapixel recording and supports MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 formats. Users can configure different recording schedules such as continuous, schedule, event and audio recording for each camera in high megapixel recording. Users can also set recording percentage or days for keeping videos to overwrite the oldest video files automatically. Furthermore, DIGIEVER NVR supports multi-stream to let users set video format, frame rate, resolution and other features in different conditions to save bandwidth for monitoring and recording. Furthermore, with flexible recording stream setting, users can also decide to record videos either in higher resolution to view more detailed information or in lower resolution to save more HDD’s capacity. Finally, to satisfy diverse surveillance requirements of recording video, DIGIEVER provides two recording formats for different safety concerns. For higher security concern users can only view videos via NVRPlayer while for normal security concern users can view videos via general video player such as Windows Media Player, VLC, including NVRPlayer to easily view recorded videos.

Camera Group Recording

  • High Storage Utilization: Assign Video Keeping Days for Each Camera
  • High Efficient Setting: Categorize Cameras in Groups

Camera group recording allows users to assign video keeping days for each camera by categorizing cameras in groups (storage days) based on its importance. Based on current camera setting, DIGIEVER NVR will estimate storage space and percentage that each camera group will take in NVR, which helps users intuitively and flexibly assign NVR storage space and store all videos in desired duration.

Event Smart Recording

  • Record event video in high video quality when an event is triggered
  • The normal video will be recorded in lower video quality.

Event smart recording can save storage space to keep video for longer period of time. DIGIEVER NVR will record event video in high video quality when event is triggered; normal video will be recorded in lower video quality.

Note: Below camera specification is needed:
1.Video format: H.264
2.Support 2 streams (stream1 and stream2) for recording.
3.Camera with at least 3 streaming is suggested to ensure camera can solidly offer several streaming in real-time.
(Please ensure camera’s GOP(Group of Pictures) setting is 1.)

Powerful Event and Action Management

Diversified events and corresponding trigger actions

  • Up to 29 Event Types and 19 Action Types
  • Four main Event Types for Instant Event Notification
  • The Most Powerful Event Notification Mechanism in the World
  • Events:
  • (1) Camera Events: Camera connection lost, camera connection lost delay, camera motion detection, camera audio detection, camera digital input, cross line detection, people counting threshold alarm, temperature detection
  • (2) NVR Events: NVR connection lost, recording error, UPS low power warning, storage threshold warning, abnormal shutdown, external event (HTTP in), built-in digital input
  • (3) Storage Events: RAID degraded, RAID failed, RAID rebuilding
  • (4) NVR Hardware Events: CPU temperature warning, CPU fan warning, system fan warning, HDD error warning, HDD fail warningm, redundant power supply failure


Actions: Alert sound, event log history, video pop-out window,highlight video window,event recording, E-Mail notification,video clip/ snapshot via E-Mail, SMS, buzzer alarm, go to pre-set point, camera digital output, extrenal IO box, user-defined digital output,and Built-in digital output

Multiple Events to Trigger One Action

  • Chain Event

Chain Event is designed to provide accurate event alarm to customers and to prevent the occurrence of false alarm.  DIGIEVER NVR will trigger one action when all events are triggered in user-defined period of time.

Single & Quattro Video Pop-out Window

DIGIEVER NVR features single and Quattro video pop-out window when an event is triggered. Users can simultaneously check up to 4 camera spots for multi-site event tracking when an event is triggered.


Intuitive Multi-channel Playback

Intuitive playback and clear interface to view recorded video

  • User-friendly Video Search by Date, Time, Channel and Recording Type
  • Intuitive Video Playback Speed Control
  • Skip Blank Video
  • Frame by Frame Playback
  • Taking a Snapshot

DIGIEVER NVR features several powerful playback functions with intuitive interface. Users can search the recorded video by selecting date, time, channel number, normal record, event and recovered file. DIGIEVER NVR offers simultaneous playback design allows users to locally playback up to 5-channel and remotely playback up to 16-channel of recorded videos. DIGIEVER NVR is equipped with intuitive video playback speed control desgin to help users easily find the key video video, especially 7 fast-forward speeds (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x) can let users get the key moment of video more quickly. Besides, NVR will skip the time when a video does not existed and skip to play the time that video exists. Frame by frame playback and rewind features help users to locate needed video image. During playback, users can also take a snapshot and save photo in PC.

Multi-NVR Playback

DIGIEVER NVR features multi-NVR playback allows users to remotely playback several videos recorded in different DIGIEVER NVR by adding other NVR's information. With no need to log in NVRs one by one, users can remotely playback recording videos up to 16-channel of videos from multiple DIGIEVER NVRs to track the path of running objects.

Convenient Video Export

  • Specifying Start Time and End Time for Quick Export
  • Export Video with Watermark
  • Export videos within 2 day’s range
  • Combine all (5 minutes) videos into a Camera File on PC
  • Instant Export to Export Videos while Playback Videos on PC

DIGIEVER NVR allows users to export video files in AVI format by specifying start time and end time. Before video export, users can add watermark by adding identity and ownership text for security and advertise usage. DIGIEVER NVR features cross-day video export within 2 days range and users can combine all 5-minutes videos into a camera file when exporting videos. In addition, instant Export allows users to export up to 16-channel videos while playing recorded videos on PC.

Portable NVRPlayer

  • Portable Video Player
  • Multi-channel Playback via Playlist
  • 360-degree ImmerVision Dewarp Engine

DIGIEVER designs a portable video player to play recorded videos named NVRPlayer.Users can directly view recorded videos with no need of installation. Besides, NVRPlayer can play multi-channel videos via playlist which is exported from instant export. Users can also directly dewarp 360-degree images to any viewing modes such as 180° panoramic/perimeter view and quad view.

Time-divided Search

  • Divide a video into many snapshots
  • Display the first frame of that period of time on each channel

Time-divided search is an advanced video search method to help users efficiently find key video. Based on display mode, DIGIEVER NVR will divide a video into many snapshots and display the first frame of that period of time on each channel. In 3x4 display mode (12-screen), it only takes 4 times of time-divided search for one day. Once finding the key moment, users can save the snapshot or export a video on your computer.

Data Search: Exploring event information and metadata in a smarter and more efficient way

  • Export the list (csv file)
  • View and save snapshot
  • Play and save video clip

Data Search is designed to quickly find out key event and metadata from multiple DIGIEVER NVR. After the event list is shown, users can save the event result by exporting the list, save snapshot and play video clip.

Smart Search

  • Motion Detection
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Missing Bbject Detection
  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Lose focus

To make surveillance more intuitive and easily, DIGIEVER creates a new feature named Smart Search to help users quickly find out key video at the specific moment with five detection modes, including Motion Detection, Foreign Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Lose Focus and Missing Object Detection.

Advanced and Reliable Security System

Reliable security choices in DIGIEVER NVR

  • Stable and Secure Linux-embedded System
  • User Privilege Management
  • Flexible Permission and Prohibition of IP Range for Controlling the Access

DIGIEVER NVR is a Linux-embedded operating system which is efficient to avoid virus attack and hacker intrusion. Compared with PC, Linux-embedded system offers more green and power saving. As for privilege management, administrator can add multiple user groups like power user and user to configure live view and playback access. Users can use auto logout and login feature as the firewall to prevent outsiders getting confidential videos and manipulating NVR settings. Besides, users can specify IP address or network segment to permit or prohibit specific IP address as white or black list from live view or playback access.

Quick Configuration

  • Trouble Free Installation in 5 Steps to Setup NVR
  • Quick Camera Setting: Offline Editing & Quick Parameter Application

The deployment of DIGIEVER NVR is simple and easy by following the instruction of 5-step quick configuration. DIGIEVER NVR features quick camera setting allowing users to efficiently add IP cameras and video servers to DIGEVER NVR.

Easy Maintenance

  • Detailed Log Information
  • Export Configuration Settings
  • Routine Notice

With six clear log, users can do quick trouble shooting and security control of DIGIEVER NVR. NVR’s configuration settings can be exported to make deployment faster. DIGIEVER NVR offers routine notice to remind users of IP video surveillance’s equipment maintenance. DIGIEVER NVR features built-in SNMP server allows users to check DIGIEVER NVR status (system / camera / storage status) in real-time across enterprise network of any size.

NVR Failover and System Monitoring

  • Failover Server Monitoring:
    • Check NVR and HDD status every minute
    • Monitor up to 4 NVR recording servers in default (Option up to 16 NVRs)
  • Failover: Take ever failed NVR for monitor and recording
  • Failback: Original NVR retakes and continues its original video recording and monitoring function. Failover Server upload recorded videos to original NVR.

NVR failover is a reliable backup solution to ensure the reliability of DIGIEVER IP video surveillance system for long-term video recording and monitoring. Failover server wil check the status of NVR recording server and HDD every minute. Failover server only takes over some settings of failed NVR recording server to maintain DIGIEVER IP video surveillance system: Camera settings, Recording settings, Event and action settings, Email settings and Server setting (server name with UPnP and admin username/password only.) Besides, once NVR recording server cannot record video to HDD, failover server will take over it (except for RAID fault tolerance situation.) Failover NVR will cease take over failed NVR as soon as the failed NVR becomes functional. Users can also check NVR log system for detail NVR information. On NVR recording server, users can playback videos recorded in failover server on remote web browsers.


*Failover Requirements
1.DIGIEVER NVR Lite series can only be treated as NVR recording server monitored by failover server.
2.To configure NVR failover feature, please upgrade firmware or above on both failover server and NVR recording server.
3.Failover license channels must be more than NVR recording server license channels.
4.One NVR recording server can be added into “one” failover server.

Built-in SNMP Server to Remotely Monitor NVR Status

  • Support three MIB (management information base) to inform users of NVR status.
  • Actively read NVR status
  • Passively receive NVR important status (SNMP Trap)
  • DIGIEVER NVR supports SNMP server that users can check DIGIEVER NVR status in real-time across enterprise network of any size. Based current enterprise network, MIS can remotely and centrally monitor diverse NVR status via SNMP protocol, which can largely save maintenance cost and effort.

    Integrated Access Control Server: Centrally Guard Your Entrance

    • Control up to 4 Acess Control Devices (Option up to 16 devices)
    • Centrally Manage Card Information
    • Quick Data Filter and Export Access Log from Card Reader

    DIGIEVER NVR supports access control device for door monitoring and card management. Users can centrally open all doors and control who can access the door by adding card information to each card reader. Via data filter, users can easily check historical access information and export desired data to your PC. Users can also synchronize access devices with NVR’s time for future log tracking.

    Integrated Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O Box Server: Smartly and Flexibly Control Your Environment

    • Support Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O Boxes for Smart Environment Control
    • Flexibly Name Suitable I/O for Event and Action Management
    • Modbus I/O Box Status on Remote Liveview

    DIGIEVER NVR supports Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O boxes to satisfy project requirements where users pay more attention on environment control such as factory and warehouse. Users can name each input and output to desired name and based on the name quickly set up event and action configuration. Users can directly and instantly obtain all I/O boxes' information and status on liveview without entering configuration page.

    *One NVR can connect up to 4 Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O  boxes in default. (Option up to 16 boxes)
    **DIGIEVER NVR supports Advantech s Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O box for now: ADAM-6024

    Integrated IP Video Door Intercom Server: Smartly Guard Your Entrance

    • Support IP Video Door Intercom System

    To enhance entrance surveillance, DIGIEVER NVR has integrated with IP video door intercom system. DIGIEVER NVR can record the video captured from door station (always recording), even when it is triggered by its call button (event recording). The integration can not only clearly identify visitors from both IP cameras and door stations but also centrally control multiple sites of door stations.

    *DIGIEVER NVR supports Aiphone IX series for now.
    **DIGIEVER NVR will record the audio captured from door station only.

    Integration of DIGIEVER PoE Switch

    • Compatible to DIGIEVER NVR with Simple Installation
    • Quickly Search and Name Switches on DIGIEVER NVR
    • Configure Switch’s IP Address and Restart Switch on DIGIEVER NVR
    • Intuitively Monitor PoE Power Consumption
    • On/off PoE Port to Restart PoE Network Devices from NVR
    • Complete Port Overview to Display Camera’s IP Address

    Users can easily check switch information and status on DIGIEVER NVR for surveillance deployment and camera trouble-shooting. Besides, users can comprehensively monitor network traffic of each switch and remotely control the power of each port on DIGIEVER NVR.


    Smart, Simple and Mobile Enhancement

    Smart enhancement brings you more convenience

    • Monitoring Everywhere via iPhone and Android Operating System
    • Intelligent EZ Search of NVR
    • Trouble Free Installation in 5 Steps

    No matter where you are, you can monitor live view through iPhone or Android phone and control PTZ camera. Besides, with EZ Search, users can quickly find NVR in the network and connect to web-based interface. In only 5 steps, users can finish Quick Configuration in web-based interface.

    Diverse Built-in Backup Methods

    Configuration in advance Save time for backup in convenience

    • USB Backup 
      • Backup with Day, Hour, Minutes and Channel Preset
      • Efficient Hardware USB Backup Button

    To ensure the security of confidential videos, DIGIEVER NVR provides diverse built-in backup methods to back up vital recorded videos in different situations. USB backup and USB Type DVD Backup provide users a quick backup solution for emergency situation.Users can set a maximum of days, hours and minutes to backup the latest video files and configure the specific channels for duplication in advance. After setting the time and channels, users just need to press USB BACKUP button on the NVR and then export the video files to external USB device or USB type DVD burner. When an urgent need arises, video files are backed up efficiently and quickly.

    DIGIEVER NVR as NVR Backup Server

    • Freely Define Backup Schedule of Each Camera
    • Intuitively Playback Videos on Backup Server

    DIGIEVER NVR can become a backup server allowing users to preserve crucial camera videos from multiple DIGIEVER NVRs. To fully utilize the storage space of backup server, users can freely define the backup schedule of each camera on backup server. Users can directly view videos on backup server without installing extra tool. Learn more.

    Backup to External Device

    • Local Backup to DIGIARRAY
    • Remote Backup to NAS
      • Backup mode: Schedule/Manual
      • Video Recycle Notice via Storage Threshold Warning

    For backup videos to external devices needs, Local Backup to DIGIARRAY or Remote Backup to NAS are other options that users can schedulely back up confidential videos to DIGIARRAY/NAS for longer time. Depending on different surveillance needs, NVR allows users to freely configure video setting via assigning camera, day/time and recording type. Via storage threshold warning, you can timely know the accurate time that the oldest crucial videos are deleted, which allows you to backup important videos if necessary.

    Simultaneous Recording & Mutual Backup Solution

    • NVR Edge Backup:
      Firmly Save Videos in Two NVRs

    Edge backup is an advanced feature designed to ensure important camera videos are firmly saved in another NVR for future viewing purpose. If Edge NVR loses any camera videos, Edge NVR will start checking all types of camera videos with those of Host NVR and get the lost videos from Host NVR. Via enabling edge backup on two NVRs, DIGIEVER NVR can offer "simultaneous recording and mutual backup" solution to let recorded videos firmly saved in two NVRs.

    Superior Hardware Design

    DIGIEVER NVR’s excellent hardware performance truly enhances your efficiency

    • High Network Throughput for High Megapixel Recording
    • Supports up to 4TB Storage Capacity per Hard Disk Drive
    • Built-in Advanced RAID Configuration with Hot Swap Design
    • S.M.A.R.T HDD Health Monitoring
    • Automatic Recovery from DIGIEVER NVR Power Outage
    • Built-in GPIO: 4 in 2 out
    • Storage Expansion by eSATA Interface

    DIGIEVER NVR is powered by RISC CPU for excellent megapixel recording and provides network throughput up to 150Mbps. DIGIEVEOR NVR supports the hard disk drive up to 4TB per drive. Through DIGIEVER NVR, users can configure JBOD, RAID0 and RAID1 in web-based interface; hot swap design allows users to replace failed HDD without turning off the server. DIGIEVER NVR features S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to prevent video data loss from HDD issues.

    DIGIEVER NVR will also automatically recover when power resumes after an outage and recover missing file caused from power outage. On the other hand, DIGIEVER NVR supports built-in General Purpose I/O for both choices of setting digital input and output. By eSATA, users can also connect DIGIEVER NVR to DIGIARRAY, an external storage box, for long-term video storage requirements.

    Various Network Services

    Simple and functional complement of network video recorder

    • Built-in DHCP Server
    • Built-in NTP Server
    • DDNS Service
    • Static IP or DHCP
    • IPv4/ NVR IPv6
    • Quick UPnP Search for Connecting Camera
    • Windows Networking and FTP Service

    With no need of router connection, DIGIEVER NVR supports built-in DHCP server to assign local IP addresses to other device in a local area network (LAN), which makes installation become much easier. DIGIEVER NVR supports NTP (Network Time Protocol) by selecting time zone for synchronizing the date and time. Users can register a domain name from a dynamic DNS (DDNS) provider and enable DDNS in DIGIEVER NVR. Users can set either static IP or DHCP on DIGIEVER NVR. DIGIEVER NVR supports IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) to response the foreseeable lack of available IPv4 address in the future. For users with higher security concern, DIGIEVER NVR supports HTTPS to enhance security of network communication. Besides, users can quicky add IP cameras via quick UPnP search in LAN. With Windows networking and FTP service, DIGIEVER NVR allows users quickly access the video files.

  • CPU
  • RISC

  • Memory

  • Storage Capacity per HDD
  • Up to 8TB

  • HDD Tray
  • 12 (NVR:4 + DIGIARRAY Storage Expansion Units: 8)

  • Maximum Capacity
  • Up to 144TB (NVR:16TB + DIGIARRAY Storage Expansion Units: 128TB)

  • LAN Port
  • 1 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port

  • LED Indicators
  • HDD 1, HDD 2, HDD 3, HDD 4, eSATA, LAN

  • USB Connector
  • 3 x USB 2.0:

    Front x 1: For video backup

    Back x 2: For USB UPS device

  • eSATA
  • 2 x eSATA port

  • Buttons
  • Power, USB backup

  • GPIO
  • 4 in, 2 out

  • Output Connector
  • N/A

  • Alarm Buzzer
  • System warning

  • Form Factor
  • Tower

  • Operation Environment
  • Temperature 0~40˚C

    Humidity 0~95% R.H.

  • Power Supply
  • External power adaptor, 60W

    Input: 19VDC, 3.42A

  • Power Consumption
  • Operation: 25.5~28.4 W

    (with 4 x 500GB HDD installed and in RAID 5 building process)

  • Fan
  • 2 x quiet cooling fan (7cm, 12V DC)

  • H/ W Dimensions
  • 245.8(D) x 205.3(W) x 184.94(H) mm

    9.68(D) x 8.08(W) x 7.28(H) inch

  • Color Box Dimensions
  • 317(H) x 250(W) x 303(D) mm

    12.48(H) x 9.84(W) x 11.93(D) inch

  • Carton Dimensions
  • 345(H) x 325(W) x 520(D) mm

    13.58(H) x 12.80(W) x 20.47(D) inch

  • Color Box Shipping Weight
  • Net Weight(kg/PC):3.21

    Gross Weight(kg/PC):4.84

    Gross Weight(kg/CTN):9.68

  • Remote Monitoring(Windows)
  • Surveillance Software Application
  • Yes

  • Multi Web Browsers Support
  • IE, Chrome, Fireforx, Opera, IE Edge for configuration

  • Display Mode
  • 1/2/3/4/5/8/9/10/12/16/20/25/30/36/42/49/56/64 & 5+1/12+1-channel & sequential and full screen display modes

  • Mini-CMS Server Monitoring
  • Up to 256 channels from multiple NVR servers
  • E-Map
  • Yes, Multi-layer dynamic E-Map, pop-out event window

  • Instant Playback on Liveview and E-Map
  • Yes
  • Control
  • Play, Pause, Fast forward, Rewind, Slow Motion, Frame By Frame

  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Monitor 5 or 7 regional images from a high-resolution camera
  • 2-Way Audio Support
  • Yes
  • Liveview Instant Playback
  • Yes, adjustable window design

  • Camera Dewarp
  • Yes
  • Remote Playback (Windows)
  • Multi-channel Playback
  • 1/ 4/ 5/ 9/ 16-channel display

  • Multi-NVR Playback
  • Up to 16 channels from multiple NVR servers
  • Search Mode
  • Search by date, time, channel, and various recorded file types including event reccording

  • Smart Search
  • Motion detection, missing object, foreign object, out of focus and camera occlusion
  • Data Search
  • Quickly find key event data to export the list (csv file) and save snapshot/ video clip

  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Monitor 5 or 7 regional images from a high-resolution camera
  • Control
  • PTZ control, PTZ auto cruising, digital zoom, optical zoom, focus control, full screen display, video sanpshot and preset position

  • Time-divided Search
  • Divide a video into many snapshots and display the first frame of that period of time on each channel

  • Recording
  • Maximum Number of Channels
  • Up to
  • Recording Mode
  • Recording by Event & Schedule/ Always / Event / Audio Recording While Event Triggered

  • Event Smart Recording
  • Record event video in high video quality when an event is triggered; the normal video will be recorded in lower video quality.
  • Storage Capacity Management
  • Automatic Recycle by Percertage / Keep Video for Certain Days
  • Camera Group Recording
  • Yes, assign video keeping days for each camera by categorizing cameras in groups (storage days)
  • Recording File Format
  • AVI format

  • Video Format
  • H.265/ H.264/ MPEG4/ MJPEG/ MxPEG/ Axis Zipstream
    (Depending on the camera models)

  • Maximum Recording Performance
  • 150Mbps (Varied in different environment)
  • Recording Enhancement
  • Real-Time Digital Watermarking
  • Advanced Event & Action Management
  • Event
  • Events:

    (1)Camera Events: Connection lost, Connection lost delay, Motion detection, Audio detection, Cross-line detection, Digital input

    (2)NVR Events: NVR connection lost, UPS low power warning, Storage Threshold warning, Abnormal shutdown, External event (HTTP in), Built-in digital input

    (3)Storage Event: RAID Degraded/ Rebuilding/ Failed

    (4)NVR Hardware Events: CPU temperature warning, CPU fan warning, System fan warning, HDD error warning, HDD fail warning

  • Action
  • Up to Actions for Event:

    Alert sound, Event log history, Video pop-out window, Highlight video window,

    Event recording, E-Mail notification, Video clip/ snapshot via E-Mail, SMS,

    Buzzer alarm, Go to pre-set point, Camera digital output,External IO box,

    User-defined action (HTTP out), Backup to external FTP, Stack light, Network horn speaker, Built-in digital output

  • Chain Event
  • Yes

  • Mobile Device
  • iOS and Android Support
  • Yes
  • Display Mode
  • 1, 4, 6 -channel and sequential display mode
  • Control in Monitoring
  • PTZ control, Digital Contorl, Snapshot
  • Playback
  • Single View Playback
  • Search Mode
  • By date & time, channels, various recorded video types.
  • Control in Playback
  • Play, Pause, Fast forward, Rewind, Slow Motion, Frame By Frame
  • Remote Control
  • Yes, the mobile device can control the live view of NVR directly
  • Event Notification
  • Yes, Event notification will be sent from Multiple NVRs
  • Built-in NVR Search
  • Yes, NVRs in LAN can be searched easily
  • Security Management
  • NVR Failover
  • Yes, Monitored by NVR failover server
  • Built-in SNMP Server
  • Yes, support three MIB (management information base) to inform users of NVR status.
  • Access Control Device Management
  • Yes, manage up to 4 access control devices in default (Option up to 16 devices)*
  • External Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O Box
  • Yes, connect up to 4 Modbus Analog I/O-Digital I/O boxes in default (Option up to 16 boxes)*
  • IP Video Door Station Management
  • Yes, record videos in normal and event(call-up) situation
  • Integration of DIGIEVER PoE Switch
  • Yes
  • User Privilege Management
  • User can be assigned for different levels of privilege

  • Advanced User Management
  • Random password sent by Email, Account expiration by assigning a specific date

  • Log System
  • Hardware log, NVR log, event log, current user log, historical user log and file access log

  • IP Access Control
  • Specify IP address or network segment for the white and black list

  • Access Number Control
  • The access users numbers is allowed to be limited
  • Auto Logout
  • Auto logout idle time limit from configuration page

  • Two LAN Port Applications
  • N/A


  • Operating System
  • Linux-embedded system

  • Video Backup
  • USB Backup
  • Insert external USB device into DIGIEVER NVR and press USB BACKUP button in 3 seconds to duplicate the video file instantly
  • USB Type CD-ROM Backup
  • Yes, support encryption for exported files
  • NVR Backup Server
  • Yes, preserve crucial camera videos from multiple DIGIEVER NVRs.
  • NVR Edge Backup
  • Yes, for simultaneous recording & mutual backup solution
  • Remote Backup
  • Yes, support remote backup to NAS

  • Local Backup
  • Yes, support local backup to DIGIARRAY

  • Network Service
  • Protocol Support
  • HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/ IP, DHCP, Static IP, DNS, DDNS, UPnP, FTP, NTP, SMTP and IPv6 (for NVR)
  • File Sharing Service
  • Windows networking, FTP service
  • Reliability
  • Disk Management
  • JBOD, RAID 0/1/5/6/10 disk configurations

  • S.M.A.R.T HDD Health Monitoring
  • Yes

  • Suggested PC Requirements for Remote Monitoring
  • Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 

  • CPU
  • Intel® i7 CPU or above

  • Memory
  • 4G or above
  • Web Browser for Login
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 10.0 or above, Microsoft® Edge 42.17134.1.0 or above, Chrome 56.0.29 or above, Firefox 51.0.1 or above, Opera 43.0.2 or above
  • NVR-Client Shortcut for Login
  • Yes, support save login information and auto login on startup
  • Suggested Switch Requirement
  • Switch
  • Gigabit switch is highly recommended

  • *Note: Please contact DIGIEVER sales to know more integrated information.
    iSCSI Server
    Up to 16-bay solution
    Up to 1728TB

      Storage capacity expansion chart between DIGIEVER NVR and iSCSI Server
    NVR Appearance Built-in
    HDD Tray
    Max. Storage
    Total HDD Tray
    Storage Capacity
    Form Factor Built-in
    HDD Tray
    Max. Storage
    Max. Number of LUN Supported Storage capacity(Expand with 16-bay iSCSI Server) NVR + iSCSI Storage Capacity(Total)
    DS-640000-RM UHD 12U Rack Mount 64-bay 1152TB 2 72-bay 6912TB (1152TB+5760TB)
    DS-640000-RM UHD 12U Rack Mount 64-bay 1152TB 20 5760TB 6912TB (1152TB+5760TB)
    DS-560000-RM UHD 11U Rack Mount 56-bay 1008TB 2 64-bay 1136TB (1008TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-560000-RM UHD 11U Rack Mount 56-bay 1008TB 19 5472TB 6480TB (1008TB+5472TB)
    DS-480000-RM UHD 9U Rack Mount 48-bay 864TB 2 56-bay 992TB (864TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-480000-RM UHD 9U Rack Mount 48-bay 864TB 15 4320TB 5184TB (864TB+4320TB)
    DS-400000-RM UHD 8U Rack Mount 40-bay 720TB 2 48-bay 848TB (720TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-400000-RM UHD 8U Rack Mount 40-bay 720TB 14 4032TB 4752TB (720TB+4032TB)
    DS-320000-RM UHD 6U Rack Mount 32-bay 576TB 2 40-bay 704TB (576TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-320000-RM UHD 6U Rack Mount 32-bay 576TB 10 2880TB 3456TB (576TB+2880TB)
    DS-240000-RM UHD 5U Rack Mount 24-bay 432TB 2 32-bay 560TB (432TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-240000-RM UHD 5U Rack Mount 24-bay 432TB 9 2592TB 3024TB (432TB+2592TB)
    DS-167000-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 2 24-bay 416TB (288TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-167000-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 5 1440TB 1728TB (288TB+1440TB)
    DS-16500-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 2 24-bay 416TB (288TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-16500-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 5 1440TB 1728TB (288TB+1440TB)
    DS-16400-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 2 24-bay 416TB (288TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-16400-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 5 1440TB 1728TB (288TB+1440TB)
    DS-16300-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 2 24-bay 416TB (288TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-16300-RM UHD 3U Rack Mount 16-bay 288TB 5 1440TB 1728TB (288TB+1440TB)
    DS-8500-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 2 16-bay 272TB (144TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-8500-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 4 1152TB 1296TB (144TB+1152TB)
    DS-8400-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 2 16-bay 272TB (144TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-8400-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 4 1152TB 1296TB (144TB+1152TB)
    DS-8300-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 2 16-bay 272TB (144TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-8300-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 4 1152TB 1296TB (144TB+1152TB)
    DS-8200-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 2 16-bay 272TB (144TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-8200-RM UHD 2U Rack Mount 8-bay 144TB 4 1152TB 1296TB (144TB+1152TB)
    DS-4200-RM UHD 1U Rack Mount 4-bay 72TB 2 12-bay 200TB (72TB+64TB+64TB)
    DS-4200-RM UHD 1U Rack Mount 4-bay 72TB 4 1152TB 1224TB (72TB+1152TB)
    DS-4200 UHD Compact Desktop 4-bay 72TB 2 12-bay 136TB (72TB+32TB+32TB)
    DS-4200 UHD Tower 4-bay 72TB 4 1152TB 1224TB (72TB+1152TB)
    DS-2200 UHD Compact Desktop 2-bay 36TB 2 10-bay 100TB (36TB+32TB+32TB)
    DS-2200 UHD Tower 2-bay 36TB 2 576TB 612TB (36TB+576TB)
    DS-2200 UHD+ Compact Desktop 2-bay 36TB 2 10-bay 100TB (36TB+32TB+32TB)
    DS-2200 UHD+ Tower 2-bay 36TB 2 576TB 612TB (36TB+576TB)
    DS-1200 Compact Desktop 2-bay 36TB 2 10-bay 100TB (36TB+32TB+32TB)
    DS-1200 Tower 2-bay 36TB 2 576TB 612TB (36TB+576TB)
    • AC Adapter
      AC Adapter
    • CD-ROM
    • Ethernet Cable
      Ethernet Cable
    • Quick Installation Guide
      Quick Installation Guide
    • Screw Bag
      Screw Bag
    • Hard Disk  Lock
      Hard Disk Lock
    • All designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Quick Installation Guide
      Quick Installation Guide
    • Hard Disk  Lock
      Hard Disk Lock
    • All designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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