• DS-645256-RM Pro+ New Product
    DIGIEVER Enterprise NVR
    DIGIEVER Enterprise NVR is a true PC-less and 64-bay standalone NVR, provides 256 channels local display, remote monitoring and megapixel recording with high performance 2600Mbps network throughput.
  • DS-16564-RM Pro+ New Product
    All-in-one Features of DIGIEVER NVR (Network Video Recorder)
    DS-16564-RM Pro+, a true PC-less and 16-bay standalone NVR, provides 64 channels real-time local display, remote web monitoring and megapixel recording with high performance 650Mbps network throughput.
  • DBS-16364-RM New Product
    Multi-NVR Video Backup Server
    DIGIEVER Backup Server is a true PC-less and 16-bay standalone video backup server, designed for DIGIEVER NVR that provides 64 channels of IP camera. Videos saved in Video Backup Server are able to be directly viewed and exported via playback page.
  • DFS-16364-RM New Product
    Multi-NVR Failover Server
    DFS-16364-RM is a true PC-less and 16-bay standalone NVR failover server that prebuilds 64-channels licenses for emergent video recording and monitoring. With the maximum of 160TB storage capacity, Failover Server can ensure 24/7/365 video recording.
  • SW-2421FM-250 New Product
    Industrial Layer 2+ Full Management Gigabit PoE Switch with Advanced Surveillanc
    SW-2421FM-250 is a 24-port Gigabit PoE+ Switch with ultra-high backplane capacity up to 52Gbps for large data transmission with built-in SFP cages, professional PoE port management with max. 30W output per port and other advanced features.
  • IDS-T16000-RM Comming Soon Product
    Linux-embedded iSCSI Storage Expansion Server for DIGIEVER NVR
    IDS-T16000-RM is a 16-bay standalone iSCSI server designed to expand the storage capacity to many DIGIEVER NVRs. Its Mult-RAID design allows you to flexibly define different RAID levels based on the importance of video.
  • SS-7000-RM/RMP Comming Soon Product
    Powerful Streaming Forwarder Server for Diverse Devices and Viewer
    DIGIEVER Streaming Server (SS-7000-RM/RMP) is a powerful streaming forwarding server delivering up to 1000 video streamings for large-scale surveillance deployment and for hundreds of viewers.
  • VD-0064
    The World's First 4K Ultra HD Hardware Decode Linux-embedded Video Decoder
    DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder is a high performance video wall decoder solution for users to monitor up to 64 channels local display with superb 4K Ultra HD hardware decode performance.
  • DA-4000E
    Storage Expansion Unit
    DIGIARRAY DA-4000E is an external storage expansion unit for DIGIEVER NVR series. One DIGIEVER NVR can connect up to 2 DIGIARRAY units that can easily expend up to 8 HDDs and up to 80TB for recording files.
  • MN-2136 Pro+
    The World’s First Linux-embedded Wide-range Temperature 4K H/W decode Mobile NVR
    MN-2136 Pro+, a true PC-less and 2-bay Mobile NVR, provides 36 channels real-time local display, remote web monitoring and megapixel recording with high performance 300 Mbps network throughput.
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