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DIGIEVER Solution and NDAA Compliance

National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)

NDAA Summary

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2019, also known as The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), was signed into law on August 13, 2018 and made effective on August 13, 2019.

In order to prevent cyber-attacks from foreign adversaries which pose risks for the U.S. Federal Government and government-related facilities, Section 889 prohibits the purchase and use of video surveillance cameras or components manufactured by specific Chinese suppliers.

DIGIEVER Statement

DIGIEVER, a world leading company of IP video surveillance management system, is pleased to announce that all of DIGIEVER product portfolio is fully NDAA compliant. We are committed to providing comprehensive IP video surveillance solutions for the US customers and worldwide customers.

All series of the NVRs and related products do not use or deploy any banned components mentioned in NDAA, which assures the customers with a wide range of NDAA Section 889 compliant selections.

DIGIEVER NDAA Compliance Product List

Category Product Type Model Series
Network Video Recorder DIGIEVER NVR

Enterprise Series:

  • DS-640000-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-560000-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-480000-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-400000-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-320000-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-240000-RM Pro+ Series

UHD Series:

  • DS-4100-RM Series
  • DS-4100-UHD Series
  • DS-2100-UHD Series

Pro+ Series:

  • DS-16500-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-16400-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-16300-RM Pro+ Series
  • DS-8500-SRM Pro+ Series
  • DS-8400-SRM Pro+ Series
  • DS-8300-SRM Pro+ Series
  • DS-8200-SRM Pro+ Series
  • DS-4300 Pro+ Seriess
  • DS-4200 Pro+ Seriess

Lite Series:

  • DS-4000 Series
  • DS-2000 Series
NVR Bundle
  • DSB-12300 Pro+ Series
  • DSB-12200 Pro+ Series
  • DSB-8300 Pro+ Series
  • DSB-8200 Pro+ Series
Mobile NVR
  • MN-2100 Pro+ Series
  • MN-1100 Pro+ Series
Storage Expansion Server iSCSI Server
  • IDS-T16000-RM
  • IDS-T8000-RM
  • IDS-T4000
  • DA-4000E
DIGIEVER Extension Solution Backup Server
  • DBS-16300-RM Series
  • DBS-8200-RM Series
  • DBS-4200 Series
  • DBS-4000 Series
  • DBS-2000 Series
NVR Failover Server
  • DFS-16300-RM Series
  • DFS-8200-RM Series
  • DFS-4100-RM Series
  • DFS-4200 Series
Video Wall Station
  • VD UHD Series
Streaming Server
  • SS-7000-RM