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DIGIEVER NVR New Firmware 65 Version Released
with the Launch of DIGIEVER iSCSI Server

Taipei, Taiwan - July 31
, 2018

DIGIEVER, a world leading company of IP video management surveillance system, is glad to announce that new firmware 65 version is available today. Based on current DIGIEVER all-in-one NVR functionality, DIGIEVER develops many useful and practical functions on NVR firmware 65 version to make video management and storage become much intuitive and efficiency, especially for the demand of larger storage and the retrive of video data.

DIGIEVER NVR and iSCSI Server Enterprise Storage Solution

With the release of firmware 65 version, extreme long-term video storage will become much easier with DIGIEVER NVR and DIGIEVER iSCSI Server solution that the maximum NVR storage capacity can boost up to 960TB by connecting with 5 units of iSCSI Server. DIGIEVER iSCSI Server, a Linux-embedded iSCSI storage expansion server, adapts N+M iSCSI architecture that one iSCSI Server supports up to 6 iSCSI LUN assigned for different DIGIEVER NVRs while one NVR can connect up to 5 iSCSI Server for video storage expansion requirements. 

DIGIEVER introduces four model of iSCSI Server from 4-bay to 16-bay model to satisfy diverse storage needs. 

Both DIGIEVER iSCSI Server and NVR support multi-RAID configuration that users can create extra new RAID volume in few minutes with no need to stop current recording task for future HDD expansion requests. 

Multi-RAID design can optimize fault tolerance ability to increase the tolerable numbers of HDD failure. More amount of HDD in DIGIEVER NVR or iSCSI Server is affordable to be broken with no impact on storage data.

Event Search: Exploring event data in a smarter and more efficient way

With the trend of larger capacity of hard disk drive and new camera technologies, more video data and higher resolution video can be preserved in DIGIEVER NVR. In NVR 65 version, DIGIEVER implants event search function allowing users to remotely quickly find out key event data recorded in DIGIEVER NVR. 

Besides, event search features cross server function that users can simultaneously search video data from several DIGIEVER NVR. After the event list is shown, users can save the event result by exporting the event list (csv file), saving the snapshot and video clip.

Central PoE Switch Management on DIGIEVER NVR 

To deploy IP video surveillance solution, PoE switch plays an important role to connect NVR and IP cameras. DIGIEVER offers Layer 2+ Full Management and Web Smart Layer 2 PoE switch with 8, 16 or 24 port model for your selection.

Through DIGIEVER NVR, users can centrally and remotely configure and manage multiple PoE switches such as restart PoE swicths or IP cameras, check the power usage information and etc.

With the adoption of DIGIEVER PoE switch and DIGIEVER NVR, the mantainance of IP camera, switch and NVR will become much easiler than ever with the advantage of quick trouble-shooting and lower labor cost.

Comprehensive Compatible Capability

With the advance of security camera technology, DIGIEVER keeps integrating newly launched IP cameras and related IP video surveillance products. Until now, DIGIEVER has been successfully integrated with over 100 IP camera brands and more than 7000 models, which allows users have ability to guard their region in a more intelligent way.

There are many new updates with the release of firmware 65 version. Welcome to contact info@digiever.com or visit DIGIEVER website to check detailed information.

About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to providing high quality and outstanding performance of IP video surveillance solutions. DIGIEVER takes DIGIEVER NVR, Linux-embedded network video recorder, as the core and develops relative video surveillance product lines to satisfy increasing video surveillance requirements in the world. DIGIEVER comprehensive NVR products have been successfully distributed through worldwide channel partners that cross five continentals.

Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users experience.

For more information, please visit website or contact us info@digiever.com