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DIGIEVER Introduces 128-Channel Rack-Mount Type DIGIEVER NVR: 
DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+

Taipei, Taiwan - Feb. 19, 2019

DIGIEVER Corporation, a world leading company of IP video management surveillance system, announced the launch of 128-channel 8-bay and 16-bay rack-mount type NVR, DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+, to achieve 128 channels real-time video recording in one network video recorder. 

128-channel DIGIEVER NVR Overview 

DS-85000-SRM Pro+ series is a true PC-less Linux-embedded 8-bay 2U rack-mount all-in-one NVR that performs excellent real-time recording ability from 64 channels to 128 channels with 650Mbps network throughput. DS-85000-SRM Pro+ series features 8 hot-swappable hard disk drives with the maximum of 112TB storage capacity.

DS-165000-RM Pro+ series is a true PC-less Linux-embedded 16-bay 3U rack-mount all-in-one NVR that performs excellent real-time recording ability from 72 channels to 128 channels with 650Mbps network throughputDS-165000-RM Pro+ series features 16 hot-swappable hard disk drives with the maximum of 224TB storage capacity.

Excellent Video Recording Performance 

New 128-channel DIGIEVER NVR features up to 12 Megapixels resolution of IP camera recording and diverse RAID level configuration (RAID 0/1/5/6/10) to ensure high-resolution videos are solidly recorded in DIGIEVER NVR. DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+ deliver various recording modes that users can easily let the necessary video recorded in DIGIEVER NVR such as schedule recording, event recording and manual recording.

Furthermore, based on security level and importance of each area, DIGIEVER NVR provides advanced recording functions that users can keep the important video in longer time with less storage space. For instance, camera group recording allows users to make cameras into groups and assign video keeping days for each group. Event smart recording is an advanced function of always recording that DIGIEVER NVR will record event video in high video quality when an event is triggered; the normal video will be recorded in lower video quality.

Robust Monitoring Capacity for Local and Remote Monitor Deployment

Powered by Intel Quad Core High Speed CPU, DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+ feature up to 64-channel hardware decoding local display and up to 64-channel remote client monitoring per page to fulfill monitoring deployment at both local and remote site.

Via HDMI and VGA connector to connect DIGIEVER NVR to the monitors, users can easily build monitoring room in either dual display mode (different liveview screen on two monitors) or mirror display mode (the same liveview screen on two monitors)  without installing extra computers. For remote monitoring, DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+ features built-in mini-CMS server allowing users to remotely monitor up to 256 units of IP cameras from different DIGIEVER NVRs on Windows PC.

Diverse Video Playback Functions and Advanced Management

In addition to robust video recording and monitoring ability, DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+ also offer intelligent video playback functions and advanced management. DIGIEVER NVR performs intuitive multi-channel simultaneous playback that users can check up to 5-channel recorded video on local display and retrieve up to 16-channel video on a remote computer. Without setup in advance, users can utilize smart search on PC to quickly find out key videos from five detection modes, including motion detection, foreign object detection, missing object detection, camera tampering detection and lose focus. 

DIGIEVER NVR features the world's first powerful event and action management architecture that supports up to 21 event types and 19 actions. Depending on different project needs, users can flexibly set up event notice and suitable action settings to inform users event occurred and to minimize event lose and damage. 

Comprehensive Compatible Capability with Third Party Devices

DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+ have high camera and video server compatibility that supports not only supports over 100 IP camera brands and more than 7000 models but also ONVIF protocol and generic RTSP/ MJPEG for users to  easily select suitable IP cameras to safeguard their region. In addition to IP cameras, new 128-channel DIGIEVER NVR supports joystick allowing security guard to check each corner intuitively and network horn speaker to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity if necessary.

Furthermore, DS-85128-SRM Pro+ and DS-165128-RM Pro+ features entrance surveillance that users can connect IP video door intercom system and access control device with DIGIEVER NVR. Users can easily manage all entrance and track access list history via DIGIEVER NVR. DIGIEVER NVR supports many external I/O devices, such as AXIS digital I/O box or Modbus analog/digital I/O box. For environment control of large-scale projects, DIGIEVER NVR and Modbus analog/digital I/O box solution can fulfill your needs. For example, if the temperature exceeds the setting value, the air conditioner will be enabled to smartly maintain environment temperature.


About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to providing high quality and outstanding performance of IP video surveillance solutions. DIGIEVER takes DIGIEVER NVR, Linux-embedded network video recorder, as the core and develops relative video surveillance product lines to satisfy increasing video surveillance requirements in the world. DIGIEVER comprehensive NVR products have been successfully distributed through worldwide channel partners that cross five continentals.

Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users experience.

For more information, please visit website or contact us info@digiever.com