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DIGIEVER Corporation Launches 8-bay Rack-Mount Type DIGIEVER NVR DS-8200-RM Pro Series, Targeting Enterprise Segment

Taipei – Nov. 6  , 2012. DIGIEVER Corporation keeps providing the outstanding high performance NVR. Hereby, DIGIEVER announces the extended DIGIEVER NVR series, DS-8200-RM Pro series, the 8 bay rack-mount NVR. DS-8200-RM Pro series covers models DS-8209-RM Pro, DS-8212-RM Pro, DS-8216-RM Pro, DS-8220-RM Pro, and DS-8225-RM Pro. And these provide 9 channels to 25 channels Linux-embedded standalone NVR. DS-8200-RM Pro series offers 8 HDD trays that can support up to 24TB storage capacity. It satisfies the request of large storage capacity, such as government, bank, casino and other enterprise level.

DS-8200-RM Pro series provides the local display feature. With the connection of HDMI and VGA connector,  it outstandingly displays the network cameras in the local monitor that reaches resolution of 1920x1080 up to 200fps or 1280x720 up to 300fps. DIGIEVER NVR allows users to monitor remotely via IE browser as well. In remote web browser interface, DIGIEVER NVR offers 1/4/8/9/10/12/16/20/25 & 5+1/12+1-channel and sequential display modes. DS-8200-RM Pro series can be a powerful multi-NVR server to connect other DIGIEVER NVRs and monitor a maximum of 144 channels in one monitoring page without installing any extra CMS software.

DS-8200-RM Pro series offers 8 HDD trays and can perform JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID10 and RAID 5 with hot-swappable design. Users can swap the failed HDD without turn off the NVR. As it supports up to 24TB of storage, DS-8200-RM Pro series has built-in USB-backup button in the front panel with USB 3.0, allowing for faster backup and data transfer times than USB 2.0. Therefore, users can get their recording file in high efficiently.

Additional Distinguished Features Include:

-    Trouble Free Installation in 5 Steps
-    Multi-NVR Server Monitoring, up to 144 Channels
-    Max. Network Throughput is up to 360Mbps
-    Stable and Secure Linux-embedded System
-    Mobile Monitoring via iOS and Android Mobile Device
-    Built-in DI/DO Supports 4 In 2 Out
-    HDD Capacity up to 24TB for Long Time Recording
-    One Button USB Backup System with USB 3.0

DIGIEVER DS-8200-RM Pro Series :

          -    DS-8209-RM Pro: 8 bay HDD* with 9 channels
          -    DS-8212-RM Pro: 8 bay HDD* with 12 channels
          -    DS-8216-RM Pro: 8 bay HDD* with 16 channels
          -    DS-8220-RM Pro: 8 bay HDD* with 20 channels
          -    DS-8225-RM Pro: 8 bay HDD* with 25 channels

* Hard drives are not included in all DIGIEVER NVRs.

About DIGIEVER Corporation

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