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DIGIEVER Releases Firmware 70 Version to
Make Video Online to the

Taiwan - August 25, 2020

DIGIEVER is glad to announce that firmware 70 is officially launched for Linux-embedded DIGIEVER NVR UHD and Pro+ series, as well as Seagate 16TB HDD and Western Digital 14TB HDD are supported for long-term video storage. 

Based on DIGIEVER all-in-one NVR functionality, firmware 70 brings DIGIEVER NVR to a whole new level of versatility and capability that delivers more value to DIGIEVER IP video surveillance solution.

Quick New Feature Overview:

  • YouTube/Facebook Live: Make Video Online to the World
  • Schedule Snapshot: Automatic Snapshot of all Selected Cameras
  • Advanced, Powerful Event and Action Management: Single/ Quattro Video Pop-out Window
  • Third-party Device Compatibility and Quick Camera Settings
  • Linux-embedded All-in-one Standalone NVR: User-defined SNMP Trap

YouTube/Facebook Live: Make Video Online to the World

DIGIEVER NVR features YouTube/Facebook live that users can share and view live videos of IP camera to people on Youtube and Facebook with no need to directly access IP camera. Meanwhile, DIGIEVER NVR, as a secure private storage, records the live videos that users can playback and export the videos anytime.

For public transportation, users can remotely monitor the traffic flow such as traffic jams or road closures via Youtube and Facebook. At the same time, DIGIEVER NVR can record traffic patterns for future study and observation in case the event of severe accident.

For enterprise activity, users can have a business presentation, enjoy the sports/musical event, and take online courses remotely from their computer, tablet and mobile phone everywhere. DIGIEVER NVR stores the crucial video of these activities, so users can intuitively re-play and export the recorded videos for more valuable usage.

Schedule Snapshot: Automatic Snapshot of all Selected Cameras

“With schedule snapshot, it is unnecessary for users to carefully select some videos to playback and take the snapshots, which takes lots of user’s time and attention.” said Allen Tseng, product director of DIGIEVER.

During video recording, DIGIEVER NVR can execute schedule snapshot at the same time by automatically taking a snapshot in a user-defined interval. It is an advanced and high-efficient function for traffic monitoring or project tracking such as the project of construction, manufacturing, and production.

Based on project needs, users can have up to 20 combination list of schedule snapshot for different selected cameras in DIGIEVER NVR. As a secure and private video data storage, video and snapshot folder are separately saved in DIGIEVER NVR. Users can keep videos and snapshots in different retention time in DIGIEVER NVR.

Advanced, Powerful Event and Action Management: Single/ Quattro Video Pop-out Window

Customers prefer to obtain instant event alarm and notice to avoid any potential personal injury and facility damages. DIGIEVER NVR features advanced, powerful event and action management allowing users to set up suitable event action and notice for the unpredictable intrusion.

In the firmware 70 version, users can set up either single video pop-out window or quattro video pop-out window when an event is triggered. Quattro video pop-out window allows user to see other important locations of cameras to make security to the next level.  

In addition to a real-time event and action notice, DIGIEVER NVR also features complete and smart self-monitoring to ensure 24/7 video storage and monitoring. If the camera is disconnected or HDD is broken, DIGIEVER NVR can instantly and remotely inform customers of NVR's current status.  

Third-party Device Compatibility and Quick Camera Settings

DIGIEVER, as a comprehensive IP video monitoring and management solutions provider, has high compatibility with IP cameras and video servers. In the firmware 70 version, to add a camera and to configure camera parameters become more intuitive. Users can not only add a camera to DIGIEVER NVR in advance but also configure the camera parameter’s setting of the same model via one-click. DIGIEVER has been successfully integrated with over 120 IP camera brands and more than 7500 models

Linux-embedded All-in-one Standalone NVR: User-defined SNMP Trap

As Linux-embedded all-in-one standalone NVR, DIGIEVER NVR is built-in diverse servers such as mini-CMS server for small-scale multi-site remote monitoring and video playback, relay server for multi-site same camera remote monitoring, NTP server that allows IP cameras to synchronize with NVR’s time, SNMP server to remotely and centrally monitor DIGIEVER NVRs’ status in real-time, etc.

For large-scale IP video surveillance, the SNMP server is a useful feature to monitor the status of several DIGIEVER NVRs. Users can actively get NVR status through the SNMP protocol. When there is a status change in services, DIGIEVER NVR will notify users through the SNMP trap. In the firmware 70 version, DIGIEVER NVR supports a user-defined SNMP trap that users can have more flexibility to configure suitable SNMP trap for different project needs.

“DIGIEVER IP video monitoring and management solution brings reliable and flexible to adopt various brands of IP cameras or video servers to deploy surveillance system in diverse vertical markets such as finance, education, government.” said Allen Tseng, product director of DIGIEVER. There are many new updates with the release of firmware 70 version. Welcome to contact info@digiever.com or visit DIGIEVER website to check detailed information. 


About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to providing high quality and outstanding performance of IP video surveillance solutions. DIGIEVER takes DIGIEVER NVR, Linux-embedded network video recorder, as the core and develops relative video surveillance product lines to satisfy increasing video surveillance requirements in the world. DIGIEVER comprehensive NVR products have been successfully distributed through worldwide channel partners that cross five continentals.

Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users experience.

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