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DIGIEVER launches high performance 32 channels DIGIEVER NVR models :
DS-8232-RM Pro and DS-4232 Pro, along with the 
latest firmware version.

Taipei – June 20, 2013.
DIGIEVER Corporation, a market leader in providing world-class network video recorder (NVR), announced the latest software update that firmware version is available now. The latest released firmware version not only brings out new smart functions for DIGIEVER  NVR, but also enhances its fine quality of high performance. DIGIEVER Corporation devotes to providing the outstanding surveillance solution and meeting the needs of users from different segments. 

Together with the latest released firmware, DIGIEVER is also pleased to present DS-4232 Pro and DS-8232-RM Pro which are the extension models of DS-4200 Pro and DS-8200-RM Pro series. DS-4232 Pro and DS-8232-RM Pro support up to 32 channels with high quality performance and efficiency in local display and 4 bays and 8 bays HDDs which reach up to 16TB and 32TB in capacity. In both DS-4200 Pro and DS-8200-RM Pro series, channels 9, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 are available now, DS-4200 Pro series also covers the channels 5. Along with DS-2000 and DS-4000 series, DIGIEVER NVR series fully satisfy requirements of surveillance scenarios.

Numerous top tier network camera brands and the latest models are integrated in version Such as AXIS, ACTi, AVTech, A-MTK, Brickcom, Hikvision, iCanTek, LILIN, Samsung, SpezVision, TANTOS, Yoko, ViDigi etc. DIGIEVER here announces DIGIEVER NVR has successfully integrated over 50 network camera brands with more than 1300 models at this moment in time. With a growing number of integrated network cameras, customers can easily find the best surveillance solution for various segments from government level, enterprise projects, chain-store usage to SMB.
More fisheye de-warp types, recording-failed notification, playback thumbnail are supported in version With recording-failed notification, it will be easier for users to recognize the malfunction status of recording. When recording malfunction occurs, users will receive the warning messages via SMS or Email which can be set up in  DIGIEVER NVR In both live view and playback of remote web browser, multi-de-warp types such as PTZ, quad, panorama and perimeters are available for fisheye cameras that users will have more flexibility when manipulating  fisheye cameras. Thumbnail function improves intuition in playback operation that users can preview footage from recording frame when pointer moves along on the timeline. Playback thumbnail is friendly and helpful for users in searching for right recording files which makes searching more precisely and efficient.

About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to integrating IP video surveillance solutions and providing world-class network video recorder (NVR). Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users' experience.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us info@digiever.com