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DIGIEVER  NVR Successfully Integrated with VIVOTEK
Fisheye Cameras


Taipei - August 13, 2013

After successfully integrating with a variety of network cameras, DIGIEVER is delighted to announce another remarkable integration with VIVOTEK fisheye cameras. The integration with VIVOTEK fisheye cameras provides users a comprehensive solution in spacious open regions to mitigate different risks.

DIGIEVER NVR is a professional Linux-embedded standalone surveillance system with high performance of network surveillance as well as user-friendly interface. Equipped with Intel CPU, DIGIEVER NVR possesses excellent megapixel recording and monitoring in both live view and playback performance. Via HDMI and VGA connector, users can experience DIGIEVER NVR's outstanding hardware decode local display performance, which supports up to 25 channels real time (30FPS) display on each live view display page.

In addition, DIGIEVER NVR provides multiple display modes in remote web browser interface. DIGIEVER NVR offers 1/4/8/9/10/12/16/20/25/30/36, 5+1/12+1-channels as well as sequential and full screen display modes to satisfy users' requirements. Furthermore, DIGIEVER NVR supports powerful event management and multi-channel playback to provide an intelligent surveillance solution. Users can set up several commands to make DIGIEVER NVR take actions and utilize built-in DI/DO to connect access control and security devices.

VIVOTEK FE8173/72/72V/71V are  a series of fisheye fixed dome network camera offering up to 5-Megapixel resolution sensor via fisheye lens for 180o panoramic view and 360o surround view without blind spots. The fisheyes cameras provide a wider field of view than normal cameras, significantly diminishing the need to install multiple cameras.

The combination of DIGIEVER NVR and VIVOTEK fisheye camera provides an intuitive operation to view, analyze and manage surveillance video. With de-warping function, DIGIEVER NVR can convert images captured from fisheye camera into diverse modes to monitor any angle or precise detail images.

DIGIEVER DIGIEVER NVR provides a variety of product lines to satisfy all requests for vertical markets like government, enterprise, retailers, or SMB and SOHO, etc. DS-8200-RM Pro, DS-4200 Pro, DS-4000 and DS-2000 series support up to 32 channels and the maximum storage capacity is up to 32TB. Depending on diverse requirements, users are able to find any suitable solutions to fulfill their needs.

“With the latest cutting-edge image processing capabilities, hemispherical images captured from the fisheye camera can be converted into conventional rectilinear projection for viewing and analysis. In addition to both panoramic and regional viewing modes, users can utilize the ultra-smooth ePTZ function to easily zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI).” said Mr. Neo Chang, Project Manager of VIVOTEK. “Upon these specific features integrated with DIGIEVER NVR, users can have a more complete operation and experience with the 360-degree video surveillance features than ever.

"A 360-degree video surveillance not only conquers the overlap of cameras but also avoids any possible blind spot. The 360-degree video surveillance indeed creates a revolutionary solution in security industry." said Allen Tseng, Product Director of DIGIEVER. “With DIGIEVER high performance of NVR, we believe this successful integration with VIVOTEK fisheye cameras can provide more completed solutions for all customers.”


About VIVOTEK Corporation

http://edm2.digiever.com/edm/uploads/13images/20110712coco/AVTECH_1.jpg VIVOTEK, established in 2000, has quickly taken its place as a leading brand in the security industry. Known for delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK specializes in system applications and integrations. With the innovative R&D teams adopting ground-breaking codec technologies, VIVOTEK provides a wide range of products, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers and central management systems. VIVOTEK (TAIEX: 3454) was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2006. In 2008, a branch office was set up in California, USA. VIVOTEK currently has relationships with more than 150 authorized distributors in over 80 countries. For more information, please visit www.vivotek.com

About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to integrating IP video surveillance solutions and providing world-class network video recorder (NVR). Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users' experience.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us info@digiever.com