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DIGIEVER NVR DS-8200-RM Pro Series Established Real Time Intelligent City Surveillance in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan - April 21, 2014


Kaohsiung City, the largest city in southern Taiwan, has over 2 million residents with rich recourses and diverse natural landscapes. Kaohsiung City is also the major port of southern Taiwan with complete transportation in land, air and sea.

As a major international port and industrial city in the southwest of Taiwan, Kaohsiung City Police Department decided to upgrade its city surveillance system in order to provide a safe and secure environment to its residents.


Crime as a society problem is one of important factors to threaten our peaceful society. As a world leading company of Linux-embedded standalone Network Video Recorder, DIGIEVER provides comprehensive surveillance solutions to protect Kaohsiung City against crime and crisis. For public safety, Kaohsiung City Police Department installed around 400 pieces of DIGIEVER NVR DS-8200-RM Pro series which are connected to around 6000 pieces of IP cameras to establish the best city surveillance for Kaohsiung City such as road traffic management and car number plate recognition.

The first concern of Kaohsiung City Police Department is safety and stability. DIGIEVER NVR DS-8200-RM Pro series are Linux-embedded operating systems with up to 32TB internal storage capability. Under Linux operating system, DIGIEVER NVR provides high stability and security so that Kaohsiung City Police Department can successfully avoid virus attack and hacker intrusion.

Brilliant real-time Full HD local display performance and intuitive user interface with same design idea are two main factors for Kaohsiung City Police Department to choose DIGIEVER NVR. Via HDMI and VGA connectors, DIGIEVER NVR can experience high multi-megapixel resolution in both liveview and playback page. User-friendly interface allows users to quickly and easily learn how to operate DIGIEVER NVR so as to decrease learning burden.

With excellent network surveillance performance, a single DIGIEVER NVR can connect multiple IP cameras up to 36 channels. In addition, DIGIEVER NVR can also serve as a multi-NVR server to connect up to 144 channels of DIGIEVER NVR.  Kaohsiung City Police Department can install DIGIEVER NVR in each branch station and select a maximum of 144 channels in multiple servers in its central control room to provide promptly actions to solve citizens' problems.

"We understand that safety is always the first concern of the government and it is our pleasure to make our efforts on the society of Kaohsiung City, the major port of southern Taiwan." said Mr. Allen Tseng, Product Director of DIGIEVER.


Powerful performance and diverse features are the main reasons for Kaohsiung City Police Department to select DIGIEVER NVR DS-8200-RM Pro seriesIn addition to brilliant features mentioned in solution section such as intuitive user interface with same design idea and real-time Full HD local display, DIGIEVER NVR can also help governments reduce vandalism costs and save investigation time through powerful event management and complete log record system, which makes DIGIEVER NVR become one of the most useful tools for government to fight crime and to protect citizens. 

About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to integrating IP video surveillance solutions and providing world-class network video recorder (NVR). Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users' experience.

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