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DIGIEVER Rack-Mounted NVR DS-8225-RM Pro Secured
Central Plaza Parking Lots in Thailand

Taipei, Taiwan - June 10, 2014

Central Plaza Chaengwattana is the largest shopping mall located in the metropolitan area in Northwest Bangkok. Composed of 7 floors, 208 meters in length and 235 meters in width, including more than 300 shops, the Central Plaza Chaengwattana belongs to the Central Group, the biggest retail corporation in Thailand, and it is regarded as one of the most lively and lucrative malls in Thailand. The building has the total capacity parking space of 3,234 cars and is estimated to have 60,000 to 70,000 visitors in average per day. It is not difficult to imagine the reason why security is always the emphasis and listed as the first priority.

To ensure the safety of the shopping mall, to record all cars coming in and out in the parking lots and to keep all corners under security guards’ eyes, 4 units of DIGIEVER DS-8225-RM Pro NVRs with totally 32 hard disk drives for long time recording and 82 units of IP cameras are installed to the venue. All IP cameras are directly installed above the entrances and exits of traffic flows. The rack-mounted DIGIEVER NVRs DS-8225-RM Pro are kept in the center server room and it enables security guards’ to monitor in local client and allows security manage to monitor and supervise in remote client as well.

Auto NTP Synchronization, powerful event management and intuitive multi-channel playback are the key features for Thailand customer to choose DIGIEVER NVR to secure the security of parking lots. DIGIEVER NVR can provide a complete surveillance solution to keep an omni-eye throughout the whole parking lots to prevent event happened and to decrease event costs. With no doubt, high video quality is an essential feature of surveillance solution, especially for parking lots in which is relatively dark and dusky. DIGIEVER NVR can display Full HD video quality in local display and remote web client.

One of the identical reasons why DIGIEVER solution is especially suitable for this parking lots security case lies on Auto NTP Synchronization. DIGIEVER NVR offers a function to synchronize NVR automatically and regularly by communicating with NTP server and to minimize time differences. In public space with huge traffic flows, marking time accurately of all cars coming in and going out is extremely crucial; especially parking lots include different entrances and exits.

Powerful event management is another important feature for user to install DIGIEVER NVR. DIGIEVER NVR can take diverse corresponding actions to promptly inform security guard of event happened and to decrease terrible impact of event such as video pop-out window, video clip via Email and built-in digital output device. 

Once there is any evidence needed to prove cars whereabouts, users can always count on multi-channel playback to promptly find out videos which is recorded in high megapixel, clearly recognizing car license plate and record every movement in detail. Moreover, the installed 8-bay DS-8225-RM Pro NVR with total 32TB capacity of hard disks is enough for keeping high quality video clips. Having the total guarding control of the parking lots by deploying DIGIEVER NVR solutions, Central Plaza Chaengwattana now brings a safe and leisure environment to customers.

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