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DIGIEVER Announce the World’s First 4K Ultra HD Hardware Decode Linux-embedded Video Decoder: Video Wall Decoder VD Series


October 2 -Taipei, Taiwan

DIGIEVER today launched DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder VD Series, the world's first 4K Ultra HD hardware decode Linux-embedded video decoder, features 4K Ultra HD (8MP) resolution per channel on local display. DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder VD Series offers four models with different supported channels to help users find suitable channels in diverse applications: VD-0025, VD-0036, VD-0049 and VD-0064.

Superb 4K Ultra HD Local Display
Based on hardware decode and dual-stream technology, DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder can perform up to 64 channels  4K Ultra HD (8MP) videos captured from IP cameras for detailed image clarity. Equipped with HDMI and DVI-I video output, Video Wall Decoder allows users to display two monitors in two different areas without installing extra PC.  DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder also supports 60FPS IP camera  for quick motion objects application such as casino and transaction points. ImmerVision panomorph is also supported to provide full coverage of wide open spaces.

Comprehensive Compatible Ability
DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder is fully integrated with DIGIEVER NVR and has high compatible ability with IP cameras. Users can connect over 90 IP camera brands and more than 3000 IP camera models to DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder. For cameras without DIGIEVER native integration, users can use ONVIF and generic RTSP(H.264)/ MJPEG URLs to add IP cameras to DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder. 

User-friendly Design
The user interface and operation design is based on that of DIGIEVER NVR, so users can quickly start operating DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder with zero learning curve. Four steps, less than 3 minutes, the setting of camera, system, network environment and date/time can be easily set up. Besides, users can also use optional remote controller to remotely control and to monitor local display without the barries of wire distance and  the need of mouse or keyboard.  Furthermore, DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder supports 24 language versions to break the obstacle of language.

Advanced and Reliable Security System
DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder adopts Linux-embedded operating system to offer a more green and power saving surveillance solution. It also provides flexible user privilege management to do quick trouble shooting and security control.

“We believe DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder is the most powerful video decoder in the world. It is the first 4K UHD hardware decode Linux-embedded video decoder with superb video display performance, high camera compatibility and intuitive user interface.” said Mr. Aslan Zheng, Product Manager of DIGIEVER. “To make video surveillance more powerful and intuitive, we are dedicated to providing more comprehensive and innovative surveillance solutions like DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder.”

For more information, please visit DIGIEVER Website.


About DIGIEVER Corporation

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