DIGIEVER Introduces the World’s First 64 Channels Real-time Local Display Hardware Decode Linux-Embedded NVR: DS-8300-RM Pro+ Series

DIGIEVER Introduces the World’s First 64 Channels Real-time Local Display  Hardware Decode Linux-Embedded NVR: DS-8300-RM Pro+ Series

Taipei, Taiwan- October 27, 2014

DIGIEVER, a world leading company of IP video management surveillance system, today announced the world’s first 64 channels real-time local display Linux-embedded NVR, DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ series, is launched to the market.

 DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ offers four models with different supported channels to satisfy high-end IP surveillance requirements: DS-8364-RM Pro+, DS-8356-RM Pro+, DS-8349-RM Pro+ and DS-8342-RM Pro+.

DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ series not only is a high-end solution of IP video surveillance but also becomes the most powerful Linux-embedded standalone network video recorder in the world to provide the best-ever monitoring experience. 

DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ series is a true PC-less and 8-bay standalone NVR, powered by Intel Dual Core high speed CPU, provides up to 64 channels real-time local display, 64 channels real-time remote web monitoring and 64 channels real-time megapixel recording with high performance 450Mbps network throughput. The provision of excellent hardware decode technology allows users to experience up to 4K Ultra HD (4 times the resolution of a Full HD) video monitoring and to enjoy its distinctive local display in very high FPS per page such as 4MP@360FPS, Full HD@900FPS, HD@1200FPS and D1/CIF@1600FPS in H.264 video format. 

DS-8300-RM Pro+ series is equipped with 8 swappable hard disk drives with the maximum of 48TB storage capacity. For long period recording, DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ series can provide up to 96TB storage capacity by connecting up to 2 DIGIARRAY, a storage expansion box designed for DIGIEVER NVR. 

DS-8300-RM Pro+ series also features dual IP application with two Gigabit network ports to connect different network segments, even one in WAN, one in LAN. This feature can largely maximum network efficiency and bandwidth stability for various purpose such as one port for daily operation and the other for surveillance usage.


In addition to its outstanding display performance and hardware design, DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ series also provides all-in-one NVR total solutions with diverse software designs. 

For example, on remote browser monitoring, DIGIEVER NVR designs multi-window operation for high efficiency surveillance monitoring, which allows users to individually execute liveview, multi-layer dynamic Emap, multi-channel playback and configuration on multiple web pages. 

DS-8300-RM Pro+ series can be a mini-CMS server to connect up to 144 channels as well as simultaneously monitor other remote NVR sites for middle size surveillance requirements. For large-scale IP video surveillance solution, DIGIEVER CMS is the best solution to directly connect DIGIEVER NVRs including DS-8300-RM Pro+ series. DIGIEVER CMS is composed of two intelligent video softwares, CMS-Client and CMS-Matrix. CMS-Client can manage up to 1024 channels with intuitive liveview operation, multi-layer dynamic Emap, maximum 16 channels playback and smart search features. To build an IP video wall, CMS-Matrix is an ideal solution to monitor up to 64 channels video wall per page through simple configuration on CMS-Client. 

Finally, DIGIEVER NVR DS-8300-RM Pro+ series has successfully integrated with over 90 IP camera brands and more than 3200 IP camera models to satisfy surveillance needs in various vertical markets such as government, industrial, residential, etc. For more features and solutions, please visit DIGIEVER Website.

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