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DIGIEVER launches Central Management Software DIGIEVER CMS C1.0.54
CMS-Client and CMS-Matrix

February 16 – Taipei, Taiwan

DIGIEVER has announced the availability of DIGIEVER CMS C1.0.54, a central video management solution to centrally manage different sites of DIGIEVER NVRs. DIGIEVER CMS is composed of two intelligent video software solutions, CMS-Client and CMS-Matrix. Through DIGIEVER CMS software, users can manage and monitor up to 1024 channels of IP cameras by deploying DIGIEVER NVRs and video wall devices for large-scale projects. 

CMS-Client, intuitive IP video central management solution, is designed to centrally configure, manage and monitor many camera channels by connecting many DIGIEVER NVRs. CMS-Client provides three main user interface: intuitive liveview interface, multi-layer dynamic E-map and multi-channel playback.

Intuitive liveview interface features user-defined display mode and advanced image rotation allowing users to design desired layout and freely rotate camera image to  90°, 180° or 270° degree. All the unique aspects of the site are able to plan on your liveview monitor design such as corridor, hall, etc.

Based on the importance of different camera sites, user can use camera group management to define favorite groups and add camera channels into specific layout for quick monitoring reference. Furthermore, users can alter video quality by right-clicking your mouse from two video streams. For high level sites, users can set higher frame rate and resolution to clearly monitor the site. 

Multi-layer dynamic E-map is a quick site navigation to indicate the physical location of cameras. CMS-Client allows users to upload diverse floor plan images to create desired map tree structure. Besides, users can modify the icon of camera type on E-Map to easily recognize the type and direction of cameras. Smart event management is a practical feature that video windows will automatically pop out to display event situation when CMS-Client detects events from camera motion, camera digital input and NVR digital  input. At the same time, camera icon on the map will start blinking as warning notification. Furthermore, event instant playback allows users to quickly play recorded video by clicking the event on event panel.

CMS-Client implants DIGIEVER NVR's playback interface so that user can intuitively find desired video with no need to learn new user interface. Multi-channel playback offers users maximum 16 channels simultaneous playback, thumbnail preview, snapshot and video export, etc. To save video searching time, users can use smart search to efficiently discover event videos. With above three main interfaces, users definitely can build suitable monitoring environment with a comprehensive overview of surveillance deployment from CMS-Client to protect facilities or critical assets.

CMS-Matrix is a high scalable video wall solution designed for multiple monitors monitoring. It is an optional software for CMS-Client and can display up to 64 channels per page. After installing and activating CMS-Matrix in Windows PC, users can start to design desired layouts and preview on CMS-Client.

The monitor numbers that CMS-Matrix controls depends on the equipment of PC's video card and output, which provides high flexibility for users to prepare video wall devices. Users can base on current surveillance requirement to purchase suitable PC equipment and buy more video card and monitors if they have more cameras needed to be monitor. In addition, for different priority levels of display layout, users can set up sequential mode and define displaying time of each layout. 

"DIGIEVER strives to provide comprehensive IP video surveillance solution and make our solution more intuitive and intelligent to fulfill diverse surveillance requirements all over the world." said Eddie Chen, Product Manager of DIGIEVER. "DIGIEVER CMS solution is based on this idea to be designed. For instance, the installation and deployment of CMS-Client is very simple. By following the introduction of Quick Installation Wizard, users can easily install DIGIEVER CMS in Windows computer without encountering any troubles. Built-in device detection of CMS-Client helps users quickly add cameras via adding DIGIEVER NVRs. To build an excellent surveillance control center will never be a difficult thing."

As for the compatibility of DIGIEVER CMS, DIGIEVER CMS has successfully integrated with over 100 IP camera brands and more than 3,600 models with stability testing, the same as DIGIEVER NVR for a variety of reliable bundle solution to different market needs. Finally, DIGIEVER has released 36 free channels of CMS-Client for users to explore more features of DIGIEVER CMS. Please go to DIGIEVER Download Center and download it now.

About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to providing high quality and outstanding performance of IP video surveillance solutions. DIGIEVER takes DIGIEVER NVR, Linux-embedded network video recorder, as the core and develops relative video surveillance product lines, including central management software DIGIEVER CMS, DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder, external storage expansion box DIGIARRAY and mobile application DIGIMobileV2 to satisfy increasing video surveillance requirements in the world.DIGIEVER’s comprehensive NVR products have been successfully distributed through worldwide channel partners that cross five continentals.

Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users' experience.

For more information, please visit www.digiever.com or contact us info@digiever.com