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DIGIEVER NVR New Firmware Released 

Taipei, Taiwan - June 29

DIGIEVER, a world leading company of IP video surveillance management system, is pleased to announce new firmware is available for Linux-embedded DIGIEVER NVR server. In firmware, DIGIEVER NVR develops an advanced video search method, a powerful stream-relay feature, a new video backup option via eSATA interface and other enhancement.

Built-in Relay Server

DIGIEVER NVR can be a relay server to relay streamings capturing from cameras and then provide multi-streaming requests from different devices in order to make remote monitoring much easilerWith built-in relay server function, multiple clients can simultaneously monitor live-view videos to minimize the influence of camera limitation. 

For large-scale projects which usually need various remote sites to monitor their areas; however, the cameras may have no enought ability to provide multiple streamings for multiple clients. One NVR can offer up to 144 streamings for remote monitoring usage to satisfy your remote monitoring needs and to make you flexibly guard your regions for diverse purposes. 


Time-divided Search

DIGIEVER NVR features an advanced video search method, time-divided search, to help users efficiently find key video. Based on display mode, DIGIEVER NVR will divide a video into many snapshots and display the first frame of that period of time on each channel.

In 3x4 display mode (12-screen), it only takes 4 times of time-divided search for one day. Once finding the key moment, users can save the snapshot or export a video on their computer.

Local Backup to DIGIARRAY

In addition to remote backup to NAS, DIGIEVER NVR features local backup function to back up your vital videos to DIGIARRAY without concerning internet bandwidth.

With its hardware RAID and hot-swap design, the videos saved in DIGIARRAY are in rock-solid protection and users can easily replace failed HDD with no need to turn off DIGIARRAY.

Built-in Access Control Device Server

DIGIEVER has successfully integrated with HID V2000 access controller to enhance operational efficiency via centrally managing multiple doors and numerous access cards. Users can define access group on DIGIEVER NVR with a variety of access door readers and access card and assign a camera to take a snapshot when anyone goes through the door by access card.

Comprehensive Compatible Capability
DIGIEVER keeps integrating newly launched IP cameras and related IP video surveillance products. DIGIEVER has integrated nearly all AreconVision and Mobotix IP cameras. Therefore,
 in firmware, DIGIEVER NVR is able to be compatible to over 100 IP camera brands and more than 4200 camera models. Users can freely adopt various brands of IP cameras or video servers to deploy surveillance system in diverse vertical markets such as finance, education, government and etc. 

About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to providing high quality and outstanding performance of IP video surveillance solutions. DIGIEVER takes DIGIEVER NVR, Linux-embedded network video recorder, as the core and develops relative video surveillance product lines such as DIGIEVER CMS, DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder to satisfy increasing video surveillance requirements in the world. DIGIEVER comprehensive NVR products have been successfully distributed through worldwide channel partners that cross five continentals.

Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users experience.

For more information, please visit website or contact us info@digiever.com