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Powerful Streaming Forwarding Server for Diverse Devices and Viewer

DIGIEVER Streaming Server (SS-7000-RM) is a powerful streaming forwarding server that provides up to 1000 streamings for large-scale surveillance deployments and hundreds of viewers.

SS-7000-RM can connect up to 128 channels with dual-stream for different access purposes. Streaming with higher resolution is for recording while streaming with lower resolution is for live monitoring, which can save bandwidth usage and offer you a faster access experience. You can check live videos directly via Streaming Server or via software application on Windows PC, iOS and Android mobile devices. Its streaming authorization allows you to define camera access by accounts. 


Make Live Streaming Interact with People Across the World

Powerful Streaming Forwarding Performance

  • 128-channel supported
  • Dual-streaming per channel
  • Forwarding performance (H.264 and H.265): 4K with 6M bit rate : 160 streams, Full HD with 4M bitrates: 300 streamins, HD with 2M bitrate: 500 streams, CIF with 512K bitrate: 1000 streams
  • Video fromat: H.264, H.265, MPEG4, MJPEG, MxPEG, Axis Zipstrem (H.264)


Its powerful streaming forwarding performance is ideal for remotely simultaneous access for diverse devices and accounts. One streaming server can simultaneously provide 1000 streams (CIF resolution), which can incredibly increase the scalability of remote monitoring deployment and decrease the streaming limitation of IP cameras.

Monitoring Everywhere

  • Up to 128 clients simultaneously access to one camera
  • Check live videos via Windows PC, iOS and Android mobile device

All accounts can check live videos everywhere via software application on Windows PC, iOS and Android mobile device. Via Streaming Server, you can smoothly monitor anytime and anyplace through DIGIEVER IP video surveillance solutions, such as DIGIEVER NVR, DIGIEVER CMS and Video Wall Station. As a result, it is ideal for multi-client applications, for example, nursing center, kindergarten, and so on.

Seamless Monitoring between Failover Server & NVR

  • Smartly auto-detected streaming source
  • High-performance streaming forwarding to Failover Server to ensure video recording

Streaming Server can automatically detect the situation and seamless switch to suitable resource and client when Failover Server takes over the failed NVR in order to ensure that video recording and monitoring environment is safe and sound for multi-clients.

Advanced and Reliable Security System

Smart and Reliable System

  • Reliable Linux-embedded system
  • Complete log information
  • Save/Load configuration file via USB dongle/PC

DIGIEVER Streaming Server adopts Linux-embedded operating system with high reliability and power saving features. DIGIEVER Streaming Server is your best choice to save your money on power bill. Furthermore, completer log information provides users a quick overview to understand system status so as to maintain and manage surveillance system. Finally, Streaming Server also allows installers to save configured configuration file to USB device or on your remote PC so that they can efficiently load the configuration file to other Streaming Server.

Flexible User Privilege Management

  • Up to 1024 user accounts
  • 3 levels of user privilege control: Administrator, Power user and User

Streaming Server authorization provides 3 levels of privilege management (administer, power user, and user) and allows you to create up to 1024 user accounts to define its camera access list for individual system management. It is a smart way to ensure the privacy and security of video data.

Comprehensive Compatible Ability   

  • Support overall 120 brands and up to 7500 cameras
  • Support ONVIF Profile S/T, Generic RTSP & MJPEG


With high compatibility ability, users can add desired IP cameras to Streaming Server and deploy suitable display mode to guard secure areas.Streaming Server conforms to ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and supports RTSP (H.264)/MJPEG URLs to satisfy monitoring requirements of cameras.

Marvelous Liveview Monitoring

Flexible OSD Setting & Snapshot

  • User-defined on-screen display
  • Quick snapshot in BMP and JPG format

Streaming Server offers user-defined suitable on-screen display including information (camera name, time zone, and time), font size (small, middle, and large), font position (top left/right corner or bottom left/right corner), and font color (black/white). When an emergency happened, users can quickly get an image with video information (camera name, time zone, and time) by taking a snapshot.  Users can define snapshot formats: BMP and JPG.

Multi-layer Dynamic E-map

  • Multi-layer maps tree
  • Pop-out event window
  • Double-click to have adjustable large pop-out video window
  • Support BMP, JPG, GIF formats

Streaming Server supports multi-layer maps allowing users to have different perspectives and cameras deployment on each map. When an event is triggered, a window will pop out to notify user and display recording video to users; therefore, users can quickly locate event site and take appropriate actions to minimize event lose and damage.

In addition, by double-clicking camera icon, an adjustable video window with diverse functional buttons will pop out to help users monitor real-time situation.

Multiple Event Notifications

  • 3 main event types and 6 actions
    (1) 3 main event types: Streaming Server events, camera network disconnected and NVR events
    (2) 6 Actions: event log blinking, event log history, SMS, e-mail, buzzer and built-in digital output

DIGIEVER Streaming Server features a variety of event notifications from NVR. When an event is triggered in Streaming Server or from NVR, Streaming Server’s event log will start blinking to alarm users to reduce the loss or damage caused by incidents.

* Note: To enable Streaming Server to receive camera network disconnected and NVR events, please make cameras added from NVR.

Multi-client Remote Playback via NVR

Retrieve Cross-day Playback

  • 16-channel simultaneously playback
  • Retrieve consecutive 3-day videos playback at once
  • User-friendly mouse scrolls up/down to zoom in/out timeline

DIGIEVER Streaming Server features 16-channel simultaneously playback for cameras that are added via DIGIEVER NVR in the LAN environment. Users can search the recorded video by selecting date, time, channel number, normal record, event and recovered file.

Users can retrieve up to 3-day range's video at once setting. Streaming Server's playback design is the same as DIGIEVER NVR with intuitive interface. Via mouse scroll to enlarge or narrow playback timeline as well as video playback speed control, users can easily find the key video.

Smart Search and Data Search

  • Smart search to quickly find accidental events:
    Motion Detection, Foreign Object Detection, Missing Object Setection, Loss Focus Detection, and Camera Tampering Detection
  • Five Categories of Data Search:
    Camera events, NVR events, External I/O device, License plate recognition,  and People counting

Smart search allows users to intelligently find accidental events such as foreign object or missing object when the camera is added via DIGIEVER NVR. To find data recorded in DIGIEVER NVR, data search helps users to intuitively get the key date such as motion detection and people counting data.

User-friendly Design

  • Trouble-free installation in 4 steps
  • Quickly add NVR and camera via UPnP and ONVIF search
  • PC-less operation with USB type keyboard and mouse
  • Support 25 languages

The user interface and operation design is based on that of DIGIEVER NVR, so users can quickly start operating DIGIEVER Streaming Server with zero learning curve. Within four steps, less than 3 minutes, the setting of camera, system, network environment and date/time can be easily set up. Furthermore, DIGIEVER Streaming Server supports 25 language versions to break the limitation of language and nations.

  • CPU
  • Intel

  • Memory
  • 1 GB Flash (DOM)
    GB DDRIII memory
  • LAN Port
  • 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port

  • LED Indicators
  • Power, LAN and backup

  • USB Connector
  • 6 x USB 2.0:

    Front x 1: For video backup

    Front x 1: For USB UPS device

    Back x 4: For USB UPS device

  • eSATA
  • 2 x eSATA port  (reserved)

  • Buttons
  • Power, USB backup

  • GPIO
  • 4 in, 2 out

  • Output Connector
  • VGA and HDMI

  • Alarm Buzzer
  • System Warning

  • Form Factor
  • Rack-mount

  • Operation Environment
  • Temperature 0~40˚C

    Humidity 0~95% R.H.

  • Power Supply
  • Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

    Output: 250W

  • Fan
  • 1 x quiet cooling fan (4cm, 12V DC)

  • H/ W Dimensions
  • 44.4 (H) x 428.2 (W) x 251.3 (D) mm
    1.7 (H) x 16.9 (W) x 9.9 (D) inch

  • Color Box Dimensions
  • 494 (H) x 333 (W) x 173 (D) mm

    19.4 (H) x 13.1 (W) x 6.8 (D) inch

  • Carton Dimensions
  • 513 (H) x 325 (W) x 208 (D) mm

    20.2 (H) x 12.8 (W) x 8.2 (D) inch

  • Color Box Shipping Weight
  • Net Weight (kg/PC): 3.97

    Gross Weight (kg/PC): 6.15

    Gross Weight (kg/CTN): 6.15

  • Streaming Forwarding
  • Supported Channel
  • Up to 128
  • Input Stream
  • Up to 256
  • Output Stream
  • 4K with 6M bit rate : 160 streams, Full HD with 4M bitrate : 300 streams/ HD with 2M brirate : 500 streams/ CIF with 512k britrate : 1000 streams
  • Streaming Resource
  • IP Camera or DIGIEVER NVR
  • Streaming Receiving Device
  • DIGIEVER NVR, DIGIEVER CMS, Video Wall Station, DIGIMobile V2
  • Video Format
  • H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, MxPEG
  • H/W Decode Max Resolution per Channel
  • Up to 8MP (4K UHD)
  • Playback Control
  • Rewind, Slow motion, Fast forward, Frame by Frame Playback, Panomorph, Export, OSD Setting, Snapshot, ROI, Customized watermark, Smart search, Data search

  • 2-Way Audio Support
  • Yes
  • Liveview Monitoring(Windows)
  • Surveillance Software Application
  • Yes
  • Camera Resolution
  • Up to 8MP (4K UHD) per channel

  • Display Mode
  • 1/3/4/5/8/9/10/12/16/20/25/30/36/42/49/56/64 & 5+1/12+1-channel & sequential and full screen display modes

  • E-Map
  • Yes, Multi-layer dynamic E-Map, pop-out event window and double-clicking pop-out large adjustable window
  • 2-Way Audio Support
  • Yes
  • Camera Dewarp
  • Yes
  • Multi Web Browsers Support
  • IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Remote Playback (cameras are added from NVR)
  • Supported Channel
  • 16-channel simultaneously playback


  • Display Mode
  • 1/4/5/9/16 channel & full screen
  • Search Mode
  • Date, time, channel and recording type


  • Playback Control
  • Rewind, Slow motion, Fast forward, Frame by Frame Playback, Panomorph, Export, OSD Setting, Snapshot, ROI, Customized watermark, Time-divided search, Data search


  • Smart Search
  • Motion detection, Foreign object detection, Missing object detection, Camera tampering detection, Lose focus detection
  • Data Search
  • Camera Event, NVR Event, External I/O Device, License Plate Recognition, and People Counting
  • Video Player
  • Installation-free NVRPlayer with multi-channel playback
  • Advanced Event & Action Management
  • Event
  • 1. Streaming Server Event:

    (1) System Event: Network Disconnected, UPS Warning, Abnormal Shutdown
    (2) Hardware Event: CPU Temperature Warning, CPU Fan Warning, System Fan Warning, Battery Low Warning

    2. Camera Network Disconnected

    3. NVR Events:

    (1) External Event: Digital Input, HTTP-in, External I/O device
    (2) Camera Event: Motion Detection, Digital Input, Intrusion Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Counting Threshold Alarm, Temperature Detection, Loitering Detection, Human Detection, Foreign Object Detection, Missing Object Detection, Advanced Motion Detection

  • Action
  • Event log blinking, E-mail notification, SMS, Buzzer alarm, Event log history (liveview), Built-in digital output

  • Security Management
  • Max. Number of Account
  • Up to 1024
  • User Privilege Management
  • User can be assigned for different levels of privilege

  • Log System
  • Hardware log, System log, event log, current user log and historical user log

  • IP Access Control
  • Specify IP address or network segment for the white and black list

  • Auto Logout
  • Auto logout idle time limit from configuration page

  • Two LAN Port Applications
  • Yes, including share IP, separated IP and load balance

  • Operating System
  • Linux-embedded system

  • Network Service
  • Protocol Support
  • HTTP, TCP/ IP, DHCP, Static IP, DNS, DDNS, UPnP and NTP,
  • Suggested PC Requirements for Remote Monitoring
  • Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 

  • CPU
  • Intel® i7 CPU or above

  • Memory
  • 16G or above
  • Browser
  • Microsoft® Edge 44.18362.387.0 or above, Chrome 56.0.29 or above, Firefox 51.0.1 or above, Opera 43.0.2 or above

  • Suggested Switch Requirement
  • Switch
  • Gigabit switch is highly recommended

  • *Note: Please contact DIGIEVER sales to know more integrated information.
    • CD-ROM
    • Ethernet Cable
      Ethernet Cable
    • Screw Bag
      Screw Bag
    • Streaming Server
      Streaming Server
    • Rack-mount Ear
      Rack-mount Ear
    • All designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Streaming Server
      Streaming Server
    • Rack-mount Ear
      Rack-mount Ear
    • All designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Type
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  • File Size
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  • Datasheet
  • DIGIEVER IP Video Surveillance Solution
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  • Datasheet
  • DIGIEVER全方位網路影像監控系統 全系列產品型錄
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