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Why there is no storage/ CPU/ recording status on liveview page? (ESET anti-virus)

Case Description

Some antivirus software can block HTTP functionality, which may influence liveview display ability on remote web browser as below:



If you are using ESET anti-virus software, please follow below steps to add NVR’s IP address 
so as to enable NVR liveview display ability.

Go to “Setup” page and Click "Internet Protection."


Click "Web access protection"


Go to “Update > WEB and E-mail > Protocol Filtering” in advance setup page.

Then, click “Edit” on Excluded IP address


Click "add" button. 



Enter NVR's IP address. Then, click “OK”button.


Click “OK” to save setting.


Finally, please reboot liveview page on remote web browser.

Setting method may differ from antivirus software and version.

For users using ESET anti-virus software, please refer to ESET website: